Are Fast Braces Better Than Traditional Braces?

Are Fast Braces Better Than Traditional Braces?

Aug 04, 2022

When it comes to correcting misalignment in your teeth, different options are available, including fast braces and traditional braces. If you are not particularly excited about wearing traditional braces for a long time, fast braces might be the right choice for you.

However, fast braces offer a shorter timeframe, with your teeth coming into alignment within a few months. Continue reading this article to know how these two braces compare to each other and know which are better fast braces or traditional braces.

Overview of braces

Traditional braces were made to correct teeth misalignment and crowding and close gaps between teeth. Braces also fix issues with bite alignment. Getting braces involves attaching metal brackets to the teeth’s front sides and holding them together with wires. Your teeth crowns will gradually move to the proper positions in a few months, and roots follow. Alternatively, you can get braces in Texas City to correct your oral issue.

How Fast Braces Work?

Fast braces use triangular brackets instead of using square brackets like traditional braces. These triangular brackets help increase the gap between each brace. In addition, the triangular form makes the wire more flexible and allows it to correct the tooth roots’ position concurrently. In contrast, to traditional braces that take extra time between fixing the roots and crowns, fast braces engage the entire structure of your tooth at the beginning of the treatment.

Like traditional braces, fast braces near you can be used to correct crookedness, gaps, crowding, or teeth misalignment. They are attached to the front sides of the teeth and linked with a wire. The unique design that straightens the dental crowns and roots from the start ensures that you get straighter teeth within months.

However, you’ll need to wait years for your teeth to straighten for traditional braces. Most people can complete the treatment within nine months compared to conventional braces, where you’ll have to wait for two or more years.

Why Choose Fast Braces?

The design of fast braces incorporates convenience and cost reduction, so the procedure usually costs less than traditional braces. These braces have been used for over two decades by patients looking for an efficient and quick method to straighten their teeth.

Traditionally, patients visit the dentist to have their braces wires replaced and tightened. On the other hand, fast braces use only a single wire throughout the process and help reduce the number of dental appointments required during teeth straightening treatment.

The brackets and wires used in fast braces are more comfortable and have better cosmetic appeal than traditional metal ones. In addition, due to the wire’s flexibility, you’ll experience less sensitivity during the process. Your dentist in Royse City can also use clear brackets to make the braces less noticeable on the teeth.

Also, the patient’s situation will determine if they’ll need retainers after treatment. However, if you’re treated with fast braces, the typical wear time of retainers is only 15 to 20 minutes daily rather than wearing for several hours or overnight.

Fast braces are a quick and cost-effective solution if you look to improve your smile’s appearance. First, the dentist at Pleasure Dental will evaluate to determine if you are eligible. Next, they’ll take X-rays and dental impressions to develop a customized treatment plan that fits your needs.

How Fast Braces Offer Comfort as Straightening Teeth Solution?

Old-fashioned metal braces always rely on multiple wires to be re-positioned over time. So if you have regular metal braces, you’ll have to return to your dentist’s chair several times. Making matters worse, these wires can be uncomfortable.

Fast braces, wires, and brackets allow comfort. With fast braces, you’ll experience little to no pain as the teeth move into their proper positions. There’s no need for springs, rubber bands, and all the stuff used in regular metal braces. The secret of fast braces lies in their wires and brackets.

A square wire and triangular bracket function in unison, which help your tooth move from the root to the tip. Your tooth will move in a smooth motion that doesn’t cause discomfort. You’ll forget that you have fast braces in your mouth working their magic. However, you’ll notice the results faster than with regular braces.

Benefits of Fast Braces over Traditional Braces

Usually, fast braces are less costly than traditional braces. In addition, the procedure requires fewer appointments with your dentist, which helps you save money. Fastbraces are also faster and less painful than regular braces. And since the treatment duration is shorter, there’s less risk of long-term bacteria buildup.

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