Fast Braces: An Effective Orthodontic Option for Straightening Teeth

Fast Braces: An Effective Orthodontic Option for Straightening Teeth

Jun 01, 2020

We all desire to have a flawless smile. One that lights up a room when you walk in. However, this goal may seem like an uphill task, especially if you suffer from an orthodontic issue such as misaligned teeth.

This predisposition can prove to be a stressful affair, particularly if you have a significant amount of teeth that are misaligned or out of position.

To rectify this dental issue, you will have to contact our dentist near you who will help you charter an orthodontic treatment plan, which will ensure that your smile is transformed.

What Does an Ideal Orthodontic Solution Involve?

An orthodontic treatment option ideally involves patients getting braces on their teeth. These braces gradually rectify tooth alignment over a certain period as the braces are continuously readjusted to meet the patient’s goal.

Before any technological advancements were made within the orthodontic field, patients were required to wear traditional braces and undergo orthodontic treatment for over two years.

This made the idea of getting braces to patients seem like a definite NO, understandably, because no one wants to be trapped in braces for such a long time. As much as they rectify tooth misalignment, braces are uncomfortable to have on and require multiple readjustment sessions to get the desired result.

Technology has paved the way for the development of orthodontic solutions that yield the same desired goal in a shorter time. An excellent example of such a solution is known as Fast braces or accelerated braces.

What Are Fast Braces?

Fast braces are a new orthodontic solution that straightens teeth in a relatively shorter period than the traditional fixed braces.

Fast braces are effective in rectifying orthodontic issues such as:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Incorrectly spaced teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Issues associated with bites such as over or underbite

Fast braces consist of two key components, which are the brackets and the wire. The brackets are quite different from the traditional ones and are fixed onto the teeth and held in place using a strong adhesive substance.
These brackets are elbow-shaped instead of the traditional square brackets. These brackets are connected via a wire that runs through them at the top of your teeth. Then another wire that runs through them at the bottom of your teeth.

The brackets have a raised slot that serves to improve the ability of the wire running through them to be flexible.
The special brackets and wires are adjusted gradually in calculated increments to put reasonable pressure on your teeth resulting in them shifting into position over months.

During readjustment sessions, our dentist will utilize a subsonic wave and phototherapy to accelerate the shifting of your teeth to the desired position.

These treatments are fundamental in generating the right amount of pressure that effectively shifts your teeth within a shorter and hassle-free window of time.

How Will Fast Braces Work to Straighten Your Smile?

Fast braces apply mechanics that allow for the root and the crown to be shifted into position simultaneously during the duration of your treatment.

This methodology allows it to use less time to rectify orthodontic issues than traditional braces, which shift the crown first and lets the root to align itself later on.

The subsonic waves and phototherapy that is applied aids in the stimulation of the osteoclasts and osteoblasts (cells responsible for bone formation and removal).
Stimulating these cells through these therapy sessions helps with the repositioning of teeth by impacting the shape of the bone area, holding the affected teeth.

The modified special brackets and flexible wire, combined with the stimulation sessions, guarantee that the time used to achieve the desired position is cut down to almost half the time traditional braces would need to rectify alignment.

With fast braces, your alignment issue could be resolved in a few months or, at most, a year depending on the complexity of your orthodontic issue.

This feature is what makes fast braces become such a popular orthodontic treatment among patients seeking a straight and perfect smile.

What Makes Fast Braces an Effective Option?

Some key benefits make using fast braces an ideal choice for resolving your orthodontic issue, here are some of the benefits:

  • More comfortable to wear than traditional braces as they are lighter and more flexible than conventional braces.
  • Works faster and can complete a treatment plan in between 3 -12 months, depending on the severity of the orthodontic issue.
  • Its size still leaves room for proper brushing of teeth eradicating the risk of other oral issues such as tooth decay.
  • Since it takes a shorter time to work, you will make fewer visits to our dentist for readjustments, saving time and money.

At Pleasure Dental, we have an experienced dental team that is ready and equipped to walk with you through your transformative journey using Fast Braces.

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