Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are some of the commonest procedures we perform here at Pleasure Dental in Royse City. Dental cavities and decay are not uncommon, especially in those who don’t brush and floss regularly. Usually, fillings are enough to fix teeth and stop the decay, but sometimes they’re not enough, and we might have to resort to crowns.

Initial Assessment

Patients usually come to Pleasure Dental complaining of increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. Upon examining them, we often notice cavities and decay in one or more teeth. We’ll probably need an x-ray first before we can begin treatment. X-rays might help us know the depth and extent if any cavities present.

The Procedure

Fillings are fairly simple dental procedures and are done in a single sitting most of the time. The very first step is the application of local anesthesia. You will not be feeling any pain during or after the procedure.

Before we can put in the filling, we need to first clean the tooth. It would be unwise to apply a filling to a diseased tooth. Using special equipment, we’ll make sure only healthy parts of the tooth remain while the rest is removed.

Now that the tooth has been cleaned, we’ll apply adhesives before we add the filling. Without these, the filling will immediately fall off. After the adhesives, we finally put in the filling. Certain light might be applied to the filling to help harden it and make speed up its adhesion and attachment to the tooth.

Those at risk of repeated cavities might qualify for dental sealants too. The sealant is made of composite resin and is applied to your back teeth to seal the grooves and shallow depressions naturally present on them. These depressions can act as homes for bacteria allowing them to replicate without restriction and ultimately causing decay. Applying sealant will eliminate these replication nests.

You can usually resume your life normally after getting a filling. There are no restrictions on what you can eat, except in special cases which we’ll tell you about if necessary.


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