You might try to hide your crooked smile by not opening your mouth wide, but it doesn’t change the fact that you have spaces or other cosmetic issues with your teeth. Perhaps you go home at the end of the day and long for a smile that you can show off. Invisalign®® can realign your teeth, correct shaping issues, and give you a smile you’ll love.

At Pleasure Dental, we provide Invisalign® near you to help you get a smile you’ll love to flaunt to the world. Plus, you may receive oral health benefits, as well. We should mention that Invisalign® has many benefits when compared to traditional braces.

About Invisalign®

Invisalign® in Royse City corrects misalignments as well as gaps in between your teeth. Basically, Invisalign® acts the same way braces do only they’re a discrete way to correct those issues.

The process of correcting your teeth using this method consists of you wearing customized trays that move your teeth slowly. The trays continuously change every few weeks to continue the correction process.

Benefits of Invisalign® in Royse City

Invisalign® has its share of benefits when compared to braces. Surprisingly, it’s not much more expensive than braces. Plus, insurance plans cover a portion of traditional or clear braces, just like regular braces.

With invisible braces, you benefit from not having to suffer from metal in your mouth constantly. It’s especially beneficial for teens and adults since the aligners aren’t noticeable and won’t make you self-conscious. You’re not limited to what you can eat either because you can remove your clear aligner. Not to mention, you only have to wear Invisalign® in Royse City each day for around 20 hours.

Invisalign® braces take less time to correct your teeth than standard braces. You don’t have to worry about the uncomfortable tightening process, either.

Plus, invisible aligners let you clean your teeth like normal because you get to take them out to brush or floss your teeth. With standard braces, you can’t brush or floss your teeth normally.

Why Choose Our Dentist

At Pleasure Dental, serving Royse City and the general vicinity, our dentist, provides you with adequate education to help you decide if Invisalign® near you is the correct solution. Our dentist also provides outstanding results with an aligner regimen tailored to your needs. Additionally, our dentist helps you take care of your teeth properly while you use the trays. Therefore, you’ll have a beautiful, healthy smile after the process.

Contact Pleasure Dental to discuss Invisalign® to correct your smile today.

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