Oral Cancer Screenings

Each year in the United States, over 90,000 people are living with oral cancer. Each year, about 37,000 new cases of oral cancer appear. While it’s treatable in the early stages, it becomes more challenging to treat the longer you have it.

At Pleasure Dental, we offer oral cancer screenings in Royse City to help you receive a diagnosis early. Generally, we recommend you receive an oral cancer screening near you once per year.

How Our Dentist Performs Oral Cancer Screenings in Royse City

You may have oral cancer screenings near you performed during a routine dental examination. If you opt for this testing, our dentist looks inside of your mouth for visible signs of oral cancer. For instance, our dentist looks for lumps and lesions. You might also have loose teeth or sores. Our dentist inquires if you have any unexplained oral pain.

Our dentist may perform additional testing besides a visual exam. For example, our dentist will manually evaluate your mouth. During this portion of the exam, our dentist is looking for lumps and other abnormalities that can be felt.

Oral cancer screenings in the city name may consist of our dentist, giving you a blue dye. This dye highlights abnormal cells. A light test is another option for oral cancer screenings near you. This test is comprised of our dentist shining a light into your mouth. Your healthy cells look dark while your unhealthy cells look light in color.

You may receive a referral to a specialist if you have any signs you have oral cancer.

Why Choose Our Dentist

Our dentist understands the seriousness of an oral cancer diagnosis. Therefore, our dentist strongly encourages patients to receive oral cancer screenings in Royse City on a routine basis. Oral cancer screenings near you performed by our dentist is a relatively quick procedure. However, our dentist takes the time to examine the inside of your mouth thoroughly.

You benefit from our dentist’s desire to help patients. You’re more than just another patient to our dentist. Therefore, you’ll receive answers to all of your oral cancer questions. Our dentist will provide you with advice regarding preventing oral cancer in the future.

Schedule an appointment for an oral cancer screening near you today at Pleasure Dental, serving Royse City and the general vicinity.

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