Teeth Whitening

After enjoying some of your favorite beverages and food, your teeth can start looking dingy or stained. To correct their appearance, you can visit your dentist for professional teeth whitening. Among the options for teeth whitening is the GLO Teeth Whitening system.

What is GLO Teeth Whitening?

Instead of being in one of our dentist’s chairs at Pleasure Dental, the GLO system allows you to whiten your teeth at home. You can pick up the system from our dentist in Royse City, TX, and take it home to get your teeth looking bright and white.

With other systems, you don’t have the option of whitening your teeth at home. By taking it home, you can do it when you have time and don’t need to worry about picking up your children from school, making dinner, or going back to work after an appointment with our dentist.

How White Does It Get Teeth?

With the GLO system, you are in full control of how white your teeth get. If you don’t like their appearance, you can use one of the GLO vials to whiten your teeth and enhance it with the heat and light accelerator. However, you can use the vials on their own to get your teeth whiter.

Does the GLO System Hurt During Whitening?

Many people experience discomfort or pain when whitening teeth, but the GLO system doesn’t contain chemicals that can cause teeth sensitivity. As our dentists at Pleasure Dental in Royse City, TX can tell you, the GLO vials contain a hydrogen peroxide formula that is sensitivity-free, so you won’t experience discomfort when brightening your smile.

How Long Does the Whitening Last?

Any teeth whitening system requires maintenance, including the GLO system. After having a full treatment, we recommend doing a full day of teeth whitening once a month. Then, do another full treatment about six months after having the first one to keep your teeth as white as you want them.

While our dentists at Pleasure Dental offer in-office whitening treatments, if you want to save time and do it at home, you can pick up the GLO system at our office in Royse City.

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