Five Things to Remember After a Root Canal Treatment

Five Things to Remember After a Root Canal Treatment

Jan 01, 2020

The teeth have three parts with the dentine being the innermost part. The dentine contains a pulp cavity that is responsible for nerve sensitivity and supplying nutrients to the tooth. However, due to different factors like poor dental hygiene, bacteria can grow in the pulp eventually causing it to get infected. If not treated on time, the decay can spread to other tissues causing permanent damage to the teeth.

Infected tooth pulp will cause:

  • Formation of pimples in the gums
  • Severe pain especially when eating
  • Tender and swollen gum
  • Lingering tooth sensitivity

A root canal procedure is done to prevent tooth extraction and preserve your teeth.
The success of the root canal, however, will depend on your dental habits and how well you take care of the affected dental site, so here are a few things you need to remember.

1. A dental crown is vital

Although fixing a dental crown on the teeth is not a requirement, it is needed to restore their functionality. Furthermore, according to some endodontists, delaying dental crown restoration may lead to fracture of your tooth. This, however, will depend on the location of the affected teeth. The back teeth need dental crowns more than incisors and front teeth.

A dental crown can improve the chances of your teeth surviving after a root canal procedure as they help to restore a fragile tooth and increases its durability. Plus, it protects against tooth sensitivity, prevents infection, and gives your teeth a natural look.

2. Your diet is important

During the recovery period, it is crucial to follow your dentist’s instructions and that includes what you eat. Not all foods are suitable for you as some may do more harm than good. To promote proper healing, a soft diet is recommended. Some soft foods recommended by the American Dental Association include oatmeal, lukewarm vegetable soup, scrambled eggs, mashed bananas, pasta, and noodles.

Additionally, avoid sticky and hard foods as they may pull your temporary crown. Overly cold or hot foods are also to be avoided.

Remember, don’t eat anything until the anesthesia wears off to avoid hurting your gums and tongue.

3. Cold packs are effective

Contrary to what most people believe, heat is not the ideal option for a root canal. Heat tends to draw water from the infection out which causes swelling. Cold therapy is recommended for your toothache as it not only prevents swelling but will relieve discomfort. You can apply a cold pack to your face, but not directly on the skin to avoid bruising. If you have severe tooth pain, we suggest you use ice water instead. Hold the ice water in your mouth for a few minutes to relieve discomfort.

4. A re-infection is possible, so watch out

Although a root canal treatment can save your infected tooth, it is worth remembering that reinfection is a possibility. A few factors can increase your risk of reinfection such as delayed dental crown fixing. If the root canal was done on the back teeth, you need a dental crown to protect the teeth. Furthermore, if you had multiple root canals, some can be left untreated and cause the pulp to get infected.

If reinfection occurs, it doesn’t mean that the tooth is lost; we can perform another treatment to correct these problems.

5. Take your antibiotics and pain relievers as prescribed by the dentist

Infections are a common complication of root canals, and taking antibiotics can help prevent them. If you have compromised immunity, the dentist may prescribe the antibiotics before the procedure.

Pain relievers help with the discomfort but use them as prescribed by the dentist.

What’s Next?

If you have decay, tender, and swollen gums, you need to come for an assessment. Ignoring the symptoms can cause permanent damage to your teeth and tooth extraction will be required.

Visit our dental clinic for an evaluation and discuss the treatment plan and the root canal cost as well as the accepted insurance covers.

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