Fast Braces

To improve their appearance, many people want to straighten their teeth, but they are hesitant because of the time commitment that is often involved in the process. Fortunately, dental technology has shortened the time it takes to straighten teeth with a system called Fastbraces®.

What is Fastbraces®?

If you have crooked teeth or they are misaligned, then Fastbraces® could straighten your teeth in as little as 100 days. Traditional braces take up to two years, and Invisalign® aligners can take up to 18 months to completely straighten teeth. Pleasure Dental near you in Royse City, TX, has this technology to help straighten the teeth of adults and children living in the area.

Fastbraces® near you works by moving the root into an upright position from the beginning of treatment. It uses a patented technology that uses a triangular bracket with square wire to move the root and tooth at the same time. The wire is more flexible than that of traditional braces, and it uses the heat from the mouth to help move your teeth.

More Comfortable than Traditional Braces

One of the main advantages of the system is its comfort factor. Not only is this system able to move your teeth into the correct position faster, but it causes less pain than traditional braces. While there is some discomfort when moving teeth into position, our dentists at Pleasure Dental say their patients report experiencing less pain with Fastbraces® than compared to patients using traditional braces.

Who Can Wear Fastbraces®?

Almost anyone who wants a beautiful smile is eligible to get Fastbraces®. Our dentists in Royse City, TX, work with children, teenagers, and adults who have overbites, underbites, and other misalignments of their teeth. Along with metal wires, our patients can choose clear ceramic braces if they want something more discreet while their teeth are undergoing treatment.

Our dentists at Pleasure Dental in Royse City are experts in straightening teeth and have the training that’s required to use Fastbraces®️ near you. To find out what they can do for your teeth, call us or Click here to set-up a consultation with one of our dentists.


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